Rumor: iPhone 5S Will Have A ‘Killer Feature’ To Set It Apart

iPhone 5 Camera
The next generation iPhone, tentatively named the iPhone 5S, will be launching later this year with a ‘killer feature’ that will set it apart from competitors, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty (via Barrons). The analyst says that, following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple will be looking to surprise consumers this year by releasing an iPhone 5S with a killer feature that will drive users towards the iOS platform, a feature that she says the Galaxy lacks.

There is no detail offered on what sort of killer feature is being referred to, and it is also unclear as to whether this is a hypothesis or an outcome of a meeting with a well-sourced individual. With the next generation iPhone repeatedly rumored to be launching with an upgraded camera and biometric fingerprint sensing technology embedded under the Home button, new feature may be a closeted reference to this.


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  • OhMyBosh

    fingerprint scanner?

  • Solublepeter

    Is this an Onion-style piece? It certainly reads like it.

    “In other news, bears have been relieving themselves in the forest” :)

    • AppleBitch

      ‘A killer feature’ is specific and accurate reporting