Apple Releases New iMac With Wall Mount Adaptor


Apple has today released a new iMac model with a minor modification in the form of a VESA wall mount adapter incorporated into the rear of the device. The new model utilizes a wall or desk mounting VESA-compatible arm instead of the aluminum stand that regular models are shipped with (via MacWorld). The VESA customized iMac is available in both the 21 inch and 27 inch versions of the iMac and costs $40 (£36) to have the option included with a new iMac purchase.

The new VESA mount iMacs have an estimated shipping time of 7-10 business days for availability, and must be configured with the VESA mount at time of purchase rather than being shipped with an optional adaptor. This means that it cannot be be changed at a later date to the regular stand that is offered with as standard on other iMac models.


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  • lucascott

    I would like this better if apple offered a desk mount that works with the adapter so we don’t have to go third party. I happen to like the way the official desk mount looks but not the outside ones