More Support For An Apple iWatch Launch This Year

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Another report is lending support to the rumor that Apple is planning to launch an iWatch-type device and that the device is currently in development. The report comes from Bloomberg who are saying that the Apple smartwatch could actually launch a lot sooner than expected and that the company is planning to have the first iteration of the device launched this year.

The article suggests that Apple has around 100 product design experts allocated to the smartwatch team and that much of the the functionality currently offered by the iPhone and iPad could be ported across and run by the device instead. The feature list could include telephone functionality (perhaps in conjunction with the iPhone rather than standalone functionality) and mapping services. In addition the device could potentially incorporate many new functions that aren’t normally offered by the iPhone or iPad without additional hardware such as a pedometer and heart rate monitoring.

The new device is unlikely to incorporate the new ‘willow-glass’ from Corning, a new substance that acts like a bendable glass, as Corning itself has suggested that the first devices using this type of glass wouldn’t appear on the consumer market for around three years.

The article makes the case that the new smartwatch, when launched, could be significantly more profitable than the other long-term Apple device rumor, the Apple television.

Update: The Verge also offers their take on the device suggesting that early prototypes are only offering 1-2 days battery life when Apple is actually aiming for 4-5 days between charges.  In addition, the company is said to be facing a significant amount of work in terms of adapting iOS to run on the device, before it is finally released to the public.

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  • solublepeter

    “much of the the functionality currently offered by the iPhone and iPad could be ported across and run by the device instead.”

    This would be a daft way to do it, for reasons of weight, battery life and cost.

    Its far more likely that it will be a satellite screen and input device for your iPhone, like a better-integrated Pebble watch.