Apple Looking For Anodizing Expert For Next-Gen Devices

Apple is recruiting for an Engineer with expertise in anodizing processes to ‘help create the next generation of the world’s finest electronic devices’ according to a new job advertisement posted by the company. The person will apparently be working on new aluminum anodizing processes and additional surface finishing techniques such as blasting, polishing and PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition.

The recruitment posting comes as recent rumors have suggested that the next generation iPhone will come in as many as six to eight different colors according to analysts Peter Misek of Jeffries and Brian White of Capital Markets. The rumors pointed towards the iPhone 5S as being the first iPhone device to come in more than just white or black, and could indeed offer a similar color range that is currently found in the current generation iPod touch.

Of course, for those who are looking to get their current iPhone model in a new anodized finish, excellent US-based company Anostyle offer a large range of pristine anodized finishes for both the iPhone 5 and iPad (as shown above).


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  • Don Calzone

    Is that the Swedich impact cotings material on the new produkt ?