Flexible Glass Apple SmartWatch Probably Not Appearing Within Three Years


Following on from rumors suggesting that Apple was working on a brand new iWatch-like device, a new report is saying that it is unlikely that a device incorporating flexible glass will launch within the next three years. The report comes from Bloomberg who have information from Corning, the manufacturer of the new flexible ‘Willow Glass’ that was touted to appear in a new flexible Apple device that would be worn on the wrist. According to Corning, it is unlikely that companies will be able to start producing devices with flexible displays within the next three years.

Corning are apparently putting a significant amount of effort into teaching companies how to work with the new glass, as they are ‘not accustomed to glass you roll up’, according to James Clappin, president of Corning Glass.

Recent rumors had suggested that Apple was planning to release a brand new class of device in the form of a smartwatch. The reports had suggested that the device would have a curved display and run iOS software. While Apple may still be able to launch a curved glass smartwatch in the coming months, the report above suggests that it is unlikely to utilize a flexible glass display.

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