Opinion: Intel Could Start Making Chips For iOS Devices

iOS 6

A new opinion piece is speculating that Intel could start manufacturing the ARM processors that power Apple’s iOS device line-up. The article, published by Forbes, suggests that Intel is making large steps towards securing Apple as a client for chip production, as they open up their chip manufacturing technology to other companies. Intel will apparently be starting to make chips for Altera, a logic device manufacturing corporation, and may have their focus on securing contracts to begin producing chips for Apple.

The article notes that the ongoing competition between Apple and Samsung will likely mean that Apple may be looking to ‘disengage’ itself from Samsung chip production. While Apple designs the ARM processors found in the iPad, iPhone and iPod, Samsung currently fabricates these ARM chips at a US plant. As such, this reasoning as used to propose a potential move for Apple from Samsung to Intel.

The article is patently upfront about the fact that it is speculation, but does note that it could be a productive partnership.

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