More New iPad 5 Case Designs Appear

iPad 5 Cases
Following on from reports showing new iPad 5 cases that indicate a revised design, a substantial number of new iPad 5 cases have appeared on e-commerce site The cases, specifically touted for the as-yet-unannounced iPad 5, show a similar design to those revealed in the initial report, indicating that they have been engineered for an iPad with squarer edges that the current generation iPad.

The new cases also contain an additional hole in the top center of the case, likely for a microphone, as well as slots for speakers positioned either side of the Lightning connector instead of just on one side.

Pictures of the cases can be found here, here and here, lending support to the initial report that the iPad 5 would have a significantly different form factor when compared to the current generation iPad models.  However, it is worth noting that while third party case makers can sometimes be extremely accurate when releasing cases for an unannounced Apple product, there have been instances when their cases have been off the mark when the product is finally released.

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