Rumor: iPad 5 Cases Show New Design

iPad 5 Case

Third party case manufacturers for iOS devices are now starting to produce cases for the next generation full size iPad 5 which appear to showcase a brand new design that takes influences from the iPad mini. One case manufacturer Minisuit showcased its new iPad 5 case next to cases for the iPad 4 and the iPad mini, and have created a case showing a significantly modified design (via MacRumors). While the third party case manufacturers may be taking a gamble with such early production of these cases, they occasionally obtain early specifications for new Apple devices so that a significant number are available upon product launch.

The new case seems to show an iPad 5 that has slightly smaller form factor compared to the iPad 4. This is likely due to a smaller bezel around the screen, as has been debuted with the iPad mini, rather than any reduction in screen size. The edges of the iPad 5 case also appear to be slightly squarer.

Interestingly, the spaces for the speakers on the bottom of the device seem to extend on both sides of the lightning connector, rather than just on one side as is the current arrangement. This design was also debuted with the iPad mini. Therefore it seems likely that should this third party case design, as well as previous rumors, turn out to be accurate, the new full size iPad 5 will look and feel very similar to the iPad mini.

Update: 9to5Mac posts some more pics of the same cases

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