Rumor: iPad Mini 2 Images

iPad mini 2 shell

A series of new images have appeared which apparently show the rear-shell of the as-yet-unreleased iPad mini. The images were posted to the Chinese site WeiPhone and seem to show an aluminum shell that looks slightly thicker than the current generation iPad mini. The shell also appears to have a blue Apple logo and ‘iPad’ writing, although it is unclear if this is simply placeholder colored areas that would be printed black in a subsequent manufacturing process.

While the shell appears moderately thicker, it is difficult to establish exactly how much due to the lack of comparison or measurements of the panel. The iPad 3, the first iPad to sport a Retina Display, was moderately thicker than the iPad 2 to accomodate the increased battery capacity and high resolution screen. Interestingly these images show a rear panel that has not yet received the chamfering treatment that debuted with the original iPad mini.

While the authenticity of these images has not been verified, it will be interesting to see if Apple does choose to increase the thickness of the second generation iPad mini in order to accommodate a Retina Display screen. One of the key selling points of the iPad mini is the lightweight and thin form factor and any addition to that would likely not be welcomed by users.


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