Spotify May Arrive On iOS Devices Free Of Charge


The online music streaming service Spotify will soon be in negotiations with music labels to bring their service to iOS devices free of charge. According to The Verge, Spotify is due to renew their music licensing contracts with many of the major music labels and, as part of the negotiations, sources are saying that Spotify will be seeking to reduce the licensing fees that it pays to the labels. As part of this, they will also be negotiating to bring streaming to iOS devices, and indeed other mobile devices, free of charge, as opposed to the current situation whereby only premium subscribers can access Spotify on their mobile device.

The report notes that Spotify has a user base of over 20 million worldwide and as such, is looking to use their ad-supported free-of-subscription-charge model on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. This is similar to Pandora who offer both free, ad-supported versions and premium no-ad versions of its streaming platform on desktop PCs and on iOS devices.

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is looking to launch a streaming radio service, but have indicated that negotiations with Apple and music labels are still at an early stage and that a launch is not expected any time soon.

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