Rumor: Second Generation iPad Mini Display Already Being Developed

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The supplier of the display for the first generation iPad mini, AU Optronics, has apparently caught up with demand for displays for the smaller iPad device and is actually starting to prepare for the second generation iPad mini. The report comes from Digitimes who say that the supplier has managed to increase the yield of the displays used in the first generation iPad and, as such, supplies and availability of the first generation device are expected to to be significantly higher in the coming months.

The report also says that the preparation for the second generation iPad mini display panels is already well underway at the supplier although no details are offered on the potential resolution or the technology underlying the new display. Recent rumors have suggested that the iPad mini 2 will carry a Retina Display as the key upgrade for the new device, although there are many challenges to overcome in the provision of such a display such as battery life and processing power.

These rumors have also further suggested a Fall 2013 release date for the second generation iPad mini.

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