Rumor: $199 iPhone To Be Released In September

iPhone 4S

A report is suggesting that Apple will be aiming to target emerging markets with a brand new unlocked iPhone that will be priced at around the $199 mark. The report comes from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster who continues to offer suggestions on how Apple will enter the low cost smartphone market (via MacRumors). The analyst suggests that the $199 price point will be able to compete in markets such as China and India where the averge price of a phone is around the $140 mark.

The report notes that Apple will likely introduce this budget iPhone in September but does not offer any details on the device or how Apple will achieve this price point. This is particularly important in the context of their other devices as the iPhone 4 still costs around $450 for an unlocked model so it is unclear how Apple would pull this pricing down to $199 whilst maintaining quality and performance

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  • Nelson W Mitchell

    Will be interesting to see how they pull this off, wouldn’t want them to fall under the same boat as the LG Shine did. By that i mean POS