Mac Pro No Longer Available In European Apple Stores

New Mac Pro

Further to reports earlier this year, Apple has ceased selling the Mac Pro through their European online stores (via 9to5Mac). The removal of the Mac Pro comes as a result of new regulations that come into force on March 1st and which the current generation Mac Pro does not meet. The regulations that prevent the current Mac Pro from being sold relate to power and fan blade requirements but it is expected that Apple is working on a revised, updated version of the Mac Pro that will meet the requirements for sale in the EU.   The current version of the Mac Pro is now listed as ‘Currently Unavailable’ in Apple online stores.

Interestingly, a recent report sourced from an Apple reseller suggested that a new Mac Pro would go on sale in Spring 2013, but there are no details on whether this is a significant update, or simply a tweaked version of the current Mac Pro that will meet the requirements. Certainly, Apple CEO Tim Cook has intimated that there would be an upgrade to the Mac Pro in 2013, so as a result of the sales of the Mac Pro halting, many will be hoping that it comes sooner rather than later.


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