Rumor: Apple TV To Spearhead A Major Push Into Television Apps And Games

Apple TV

A new report is suggesting that Apple is moving forward with a focus on redefining the provision of television content, and that this will be spearheaded by the Apple TV box being opened up to accept third party developer apps. According to TechCrunch, Apple is working on an Apple TV SDK that will allow developers to write their own apps for the device. The report suggests that Apple’s ‘living room plans’ are going to come into focus this fall, and that there could be an announcement for developers about an Apple TV SDK in the coming months.

The report suggests that games are going to play a large role in Apple’s plans, and that downloadable app and game content will significantly impact upon other dedicated games consoles such as the XBox, the Playstation and the Wii. These games will likely be targeted at a wide audience, rather than focused upon high end titles like Call of Duty.

The report doesn’t offer any significant detail, rather the congregation of a number of rumors suggesting that Apple is seeking to make the Apple TV more than it currently is. That said, multiple rumors are pointing towards something large happening for Apple TV and the release of an Apple TV SDK would be the first step.


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