Apple To Issue Fix For iOS 6.1 Exchange Problems

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Apple is apparently working on a fix for the recent issues that have affected iOS 6.1 users and platforms using Exchange services, according to an announcement on the company’s support pages. According to the posting on the Support pages (via ZDNet), the company has identified the cause of the issues and is now working on a fix that will rectify the problem. The bug was initially caused by a continuous loop when using Exchange ActiveSync for calendar meeting invitations, and caused massive transaction logs to appear in Exchange servers.

The company also suggests a very quick interim workaround to avoid issues in the meantime, suggesting that users access the Settings app, and then go to Mail, then Contacts, then Calendars and switching off the calendar in any Exchange account. The calendar can then be re-enabled after 10 seconds and, as long as a user does not respond to any calendar invitations using their device running iOS 6.1, the device itself will not cause excessive transaction logs to be generated.

When the bug fix is eventually released, although there is no timescale announced for this as yet, users will then once again be able to respond to calendar events using their iOS device.


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