Apple Releases New Premium Earphones And Lightning Cable

Premium Earphones

Apple has today quietly released an updated version of their in-ear premium earphones with a new, more rounded design for the remote control button and microphone that is found on the cable (via MacRumors). The new design is the same as the one found on the updated EarPods that Apple released last year and is the only visible change on the premium in-ear earphones which retail for approximately $79.

In addition, the company has released a new shorter Lightning Connector to USB cable at a length of 0.5 meters. This is available in addition to the standard Lightning to USB cable which is 1 meter long, but interestingly, both cables are available for $19.

Our original review of the Apple premium in-ear earphones can be found here if you are curious as to whether they meet the $79 price tag.

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