Rumor: Apple Smart Watch Development Is Real

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The rumored Apple smartwatch is real and is apparently being worked on by a significant number of individuals within the company, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report suggests that a team comprised of around 100 product designers are working on a device that is designed to be worn as a wristwatch, and that will be able to demonstrate functionality comparable to the iPhone and iPad. The Apple Smart Watch team is apparently sourced from software and hardware engineers who have experience of working and developing the iPhone and iPad.

While it’s not clear at what stage the device is actually at, the report indicates that the significant numbers of engineers that are attached to the project give an indication that the product has moved to a level of development that is past experimentation i.e. towards a product that is destined for eventual public release. While Apple apparently constructs many prototypes for new products, many of them are not seen outside of Cupertino, never moving beyond the experimentation stage.

The report names Apple Senior Director of Engineering James Foster as being involved in the project, and that the watch has a very significant set of challenges, not least being the power requirements of the device. There are no clear specifications or feature lists for the device but many users will likely be hoping that it incorporates Siri functionality, as well as the latest wireless and Bluetooth technologies and an ability to run downloadable apps.

This report follows on from a similar rumor a few days ago suggesting that Apple was developing a Smart Watch that incorporated a new type of curved glass, called Willow glass, which could be bent to the curvature of the wrist.

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