Apple Launches New MacBook Pro And Reduces Price On MacBook Air

New MacBook Pro

Apple has today launched updates to the MacBook line-up, with revised versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air going on sale on the Apple Store. The company issued a press release noting that the 13inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display now has a lower starting price of $1499 for the base model (which is $200 less than before) and $1699 for the spec bumped version with 256GB storage (that is $300 less than before). The 256GB model of the 13 inch MacBook Air also received a price reduction of $100 meaning that it is now priced at $1399.

In addition to the price drops, Apple has also increased the processor speeds for the Retina Display MacBook Pro with the 13 inch version featuring a new 2.6GHz processor, compared to 2.5GHz previously. The 15 inch version also gets a speed update with a new 2.4GHz quad-core processor (compared to 2.3GHz) for the less expensive model, and a new 2.7GHz quad-core processor, increased from 2.6 GHz for the high end model. The high end model now also ships with 16GB RAM instead of the 8GB previously


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