Microsoft Offers Advice For Dealing With iOS 6.1 Exchange Issues

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Microsoft has today published a support document which deals with some of the issues that both users and corporate administrators have dealt with in terms of the interactions between iOS 6.1 and Exchange platforms. The support documents notes that ‘Apple and Microsoft are investigating this issue’ and will post more information as soon as it becomes available. Microsoft does recommend that Enterprise users open an Enterprise Support case with Apple ‘to report and diagnose the behavior in iOS 6.1′.

The release of the document follows on from recent reports that some large organizations have experienced following the discovery of a bug in ActiveSync interactions on iOS 6.1. The Microsoft support document offers several workarounds for the issues that may be experienced in some Exchange platforms. These include removing and recreating the device partnership and asking users not to process Calendar items on the device. This is essentially the same information that was offered to users yesterday.

Other workarounds for administrators include creating a custom throttling policy for iOS 6.1 users which would mean that iOS 6.1 users could receive a ‘Cannot Get Mail’ error when acting on Calendar items. A final policy involves completely blocking iOS 6.1 users, essentially preventing them for accessing any Exchange ActiveSync service.

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