Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks On ‘The Apple Experience’

Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook today spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference taking part in a question and answer session. The CEO covered a range of topics, among them Apple’s cash strategy, shareholder interests and market share growth. One clear, qualifying message that was put across was that Apple would ‘never make a crappy product’.

Cook was also asked about design choices that the company has made, including choosing the size of the iPhone 5 screen and potentially making a larger-screened device in future generations and to satisfy consumers. While typically secretive over future Apple product plans, in his response, Cook made an interesting statement;

‘[sic] Customers want a great experience…and they want that ‘aha’ moment the first time they use the technology. Do you know the speed of an AX processor…you probably don’t, but does it really matter at the end of the day…you want a great experience’

You can listen to the entire audio transcript on the Apple Investor site.


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