Rumor: The Apple Smartwatch

iPod nano Watch
A report today is suggesting that Apple is working on a new Smartwatch with a design that incorporates a new type of curved glass that is bent to the curvature of the wrist. The rumor comes from the New York Times who report that ‘people familiar with the company’s explorations’ are suggesting that the device will run iOS software and will have a unique ability to stand apart from competitors due to developments in how glass can be curved aroud parts of the human body.

The report has a significant amount of detail related to the glass itself, suggesting that the device could incorporate a new type of bendable glass known as Willow Glass, which is made by Corning, who also make the Gorilla Glass found in other iOS devices. The report doesn’t give an accurate timepoint for release, but does suggest that it could be released in 2013.

The sixth generation iPod nano gained a surprising amount of popularity through the use of watch bands made by third party manufacturers that enabled the device to be worn on the wrist, giving Apple a significant impetus to develop the concept further.

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