Rumor: iPhone 5S And Larger iPhone 6 To Both Launch This Year

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A new report is suggesting that Apple will be releasing both an iPhone 5S and a larger iPhone 6 in 2013. The report comes from Brightwire, who have apparently sourced the information from Chinese site, who are suggesting that the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 have already been seen at Apple’s suppliers. The site further goes on to note that the iPhone 5S looks like the current iPhone 5, although likely with performance upgrades. Of greater interest, is a piece in the report stating that the ‘five inch iPhone 6′ is thinner and lighter, presumably referring to the diagonal screen size of the device.

The report follows on from other recent rumors pointing towards an iPhone with a slimmer profile and larger screen, suggesting that Apple has already reached the prototyping stage with external suppliers. It is worth noting, however, that these prototypes may never make it to market, and that there still may be months or years between the prototyping of a device and it being released to public market. In addition, the veracity of the news source is unknown.


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