Rumor: How The iPad 5 Will Actually Look

iPad 5 Size Comparison
Following on from the recent leak of what is believed to be the rear panel of an iPad 5, some new renders of how a fifth generation device would look like next to the fourth generation iPad and the iPad mini. The renders are from Ciccarese Design (via MacRumors) and give an excellent idea of how the iPad 5 would look significantly different when compared to the current generation iPad. They show a device which has a much thinner external bezel and takes significant design cues from the iPad mini.

The estimated dimensions of the new iPad suggest that the new iPad would be up to 2mm thinner that the existing iPad which is a significant reduction when considering that the current iPad is only 9.4mm thick. For comparison, the iPad mini is just 7.2mm thick. In addition, the bezel of the new iPad 5 will apparently reduce in height by 4mm and in width by 17mm.

Previous rumors have suggested that the fifth generation iPad will be released in October 2013, and will incorporate IZGO screen technology in order to achieve the thinner form factor.  The new device will also likely contain an entirely new processor, and offer 16GB to 128 GB onboard storage.

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