Buttons Discovered For Possible iTunes Music Streaming Service

iTunes Radio Buttons
A new set of user interface buttons have been found within the latest iOS software which could be the first signs that point towards a possible iTunes music streaming service. The buttons, discovered by 9to5Mac following the jailbreak of an iPad and exploration of the file system, are named in the context of ‘radio button’. Given the appearance and nomenclature of the icons, as well as the lack of a radio streaming service in iTunes, the report suggests that the icons could be representative of an as-yet-unreleased iTunes Streaming service.

The report also points towards the term ‘buy’ in the file name which could point towards potential functionality related to the purchase of music from the streaming service.

There have been rumors surrounding an Apple music streaming service for many months, with recent report suggesting that Apple was in negotiations with major music labels. While the presence of these buttons in iOS 6.1 is not necessarily an indicator of the service launching soon, they could indicate preparations for a release in a future major version of iOS.


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  • http://twitter.com/PaulTheBookGuy Paul Alves

    There is a radio streaming service on iTunes. Go to music then click radio. That’s more than likely the add station to favorites button?

  • http://www.facebook.com/honkj Honk Jhonk

    i think you didn’t pick up on the word “buy” in the discovered buttons…

    the reality suggest the exact opposite of a “streaming” service… which would make sense, since iTunes is massively successful, and every single “streaming” service from the highest to the lowest from 10 years ago to 1 year ago,

    has fallen miserably on their own swords.

    did you really think Apple does “fallen miserably”???