HBO In Discussions To Bring Content To Apple TV


Apple and premium cable network HBO have reportedly talked about a deal which would mean that HBO programming would be available on the Apple TV from mid-2013. According to Bloomberg, HBO have been in discussions with Apple to bring an HBO Go application to the Apple TV which would mean that subscribers who pay for the HBO service would be offered more than 600 hours of film and television programming via online streaming.

The HBO Go app is currently available free of charge on iOS devices and, as described, offers 600 hours of original programming for subscribers. The app, should it come to Apple TV, would line up alongside Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus on the Apple TV, as well as a number of sports networks including NBA and MLB. Currently, the information indicates that a deal has not yet been signed but indications are that the companies are aiming to bring HBO to the Apple TV by mid-2013.

HBO is owned by Time Warner and has in excess of approximately 30 million customers in the US alone. The network has commissioned and offered a number of significant and highly popular programs and films including Girls, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones, Entourage, Sex and the City and The Sopranos.


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  • Joel Anderson

    I wonder why a decision for HBO to put their product into another branch of a store that they are already in takes “discussions”?