Apple Looking To Reimagine User Interface In iLife Apps?


Apple is recruiting for two Senior Software Engineers for the iLife development team and is looking for individuals who will be able to help “re-imagine how user interfaces should be built and work”. The positions, posted today and yesterday, are based in in the California Campus and seem to be focused upon reinvigorating the UI for the iLife suite, which incorporates iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand.

The iLife suite of programs last received a major refresh more than two years ago in October 2010 when iLife ’11 was announced at Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ event. The original suite also included iWeb and iDVD but these were discontinued and individual iLife programs, iPhoto ’11, iMovie ’11 and GarageBand ’11 were made available for purchase on the Mac App Store for $14.99 each.

In the recent reshuffle of Apple’s Senior Staff, Jony Ive was given responsibility for Human Interface software teams in Apple, of which iLife will likely fall under his remit. It is likely, therefore, that the next major version of iLife will contain a significant UI revamp that reflects Ive’s design preferences.


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  • filecat13

    Yes, bring back Appleworks! I like iWork; I loved AppleWorks.

    • NutjobNumber1

      Appleworks is not going to come back. OK. It’s just a name, anyway. I’m sure they are maybe going to do additional integration and add more features. The typical stuff.

  • poorfessor

    To start, they could restore AppleWorks 5 a wonderfully easy suite of applications that were so totally integrated that anyone could use them.

    Even better they could restore HyperCard, just add color like they did for the Apple II GS.

    The all the minimalist user interface ideas that the NEXT team insisted on are crap.