Current Version Of Mac Pro Will Cease To Be Sold In Europe

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Apple is going to cease selling the current version of the Mac Pro in European countries due to the fact that it doesn’t meet current legislation (via 9to5Mac). The company sent a notice to retailers and distributors noting that the Mac Pro system does not comply with Amendment 1 of regulation IEC60950-1, 2nd ed. which comes into force on March 1, 2013 and, as such, it will cease to be sold on this date.

The notice also says that resellers can continue to sell off any remaining stock of the Mac Pro and that Apple will cease taking orders for the Mac Pro after February 18. It’s not clear what aspect of the legislation the Mac Pro fails to meet, although the legislation does seem to related to the safety and electrical testing of IT equipment. The system will still be sold in countries outside the EU however.

A new Mac Pro system is expected this year, and has been confirmed by Apple. However, it’s not clear if the new system will be released at the start or at the end of the year, so there is no accurate estimate on when the new Mac Pro would be released.

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