New Apple TV Is A Performance Update And Is Available Now

Apple TV

Following on from the discovery of FCC filings for a new generation of Apple TV, an Apple spokesperson has today notified TNW that there is indeed a new Apple TV model. However, the changes that are being made to the Apple TV are simply small internal changes rather than any major structural or feature changes.

The new model will indeed use an A5X processor, as was revealed in earlier reports discovering references to the new chip in the Apple TV software. The new device will also incorporate an upgraded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip for improved performance. However, the external dimensions of the Apple TV will not be affected and will remain the same as the previous version.

While the new models will offer some performance increases over the previous generation of Apple TV products, the model number will be the only way to differentiate them from previous generations. Indeed, new buyers of the Apple TV could actually be in possession of one now.

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