Rumor: New Design Details Emerge About Cheaper iPhone

Budget iPhone
A new report has appeared today which claims to have some intelligence on the design of a less-expensive iPhone that Apple has been working on. According to the report from iLounge, the new device will predominantly be constructed from a plastic housing, but will be in possession of a 4 inch screen like the current model iPhone 5. In addition to these details, the report also suggests that the new device will surprisingly have design inferences that are based upon the iPod Classic.

The dimensions of the new device are predicted to be around half a millimeter larger in both height and width, and will increase in depth by around 1mm. The iPod Classic design notes are apparently related to the curves that Apple will incorporate into the new iPhone, which will only be visible from the side. According to the report, the device will look identical to an iPhone 5 from the front, but much like an iPod Classic from the side. This is surprising considering the more curved design of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but increases the internal volume of the new iPhone for components.

The new device will, as expected have a camera on the rear, an earphone port on the bottom and will also have a Lightning connector, consistent with current iOS device design. No details are offered on release date or pricing, but the 1136 x 640 display that is identical to the iPhone 5 will likely be welcome feature for those looking to purchase the device upon release.

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