Rumor: Next Generation iPhone 5S, iPad Or iPod Touch Could Ship With 128GB Storage

iOS 6
The next version of the iPhone, tentatively called the iPhone 5S, could be offered with double the maximum storage of the current iPhone 5 models, according to new evidence uncovered in an iOS 6.1 beta release. Developer iNeal discovered references to a 128 gig ‘system partition key’ indicating that the system offers support for a device with 128 gigabytes of storage (via 9to5Mac). Notably the code references are apparently not present in the current version of iOS, 6.0.

There’s no way of knowing which device the code reference could apply to, as this could reflect preparation for a future storage bump in either the iPhone, the iPad & iPad mini, or the iPod touch. The original report also suggests that Apple could be looking to bump the storage in the iPod touch to offer a replacement to the iPod classic with substantial storage.


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