Rumor: New Photos Of iPhone 5S And iPhone 6 Components

iPhone 5S iPhone 6 Speaker
A French technology blog has come forward with pictures of what it claims to be some of the first components of the iPhone 5S. (English Translation) have published fuzzy pictures of what is loosely translated as the loudspeaker for the iPhone 5S. In addition, the site also claims that the component next to the iPhone 5S loudspeaker (which is accompanied by a superimposed iPhone 5 loudspeaker for comparison), is in fact the speaker from the ‘iPhone 6′.

The site claims that the iPhone 5S is an improved version of the iPhone 5 and that the iPhone 6 would be an entirely new device. The site also references an iPhone Math with a 4.8 screen, a device which was discussed in a report yesterday to be a prototype with a 4.7 inch screen. The site further suggests that the first new iPhone model will be released between March and July this year and the second model at the end of this year.

The site has produced some accurate pre-release information in the past relating to the new Lightning connector and a nano SIM card holder for the iPhone 5 prior to release.

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