Rumor: Super Thin iPad 5 Set For Release In October 2013

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A new rumor has emerged today suggesting that the iPad 5 will look much like ‘a stretched iPad mini’ and that the new device will be released in October 2013. The report comes from iLounge who have apparently seen a physical model of the new device and noted that the iPad 5 represents an entirely new design for the full size iPad that takes its influence from the iPad mini, with ‘chamfered edges’ and a significantly smaller bezel around the edge.

The report suggests that the new device will be thinner in all dimensions and that Apple would likely have to switch to IGZO (or Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) displays. The report also suggests that the launch date had originally been posted for March 2013 but has had to be revised to October of this year.

Finally the report also addresses some of the recent iPhone rumors. The iPhone 5S, as it is tentatively called, will apparently look almost exactly like the iPhone 5 except with a larger flash on the rear of the device. In addition, a lower cost iPhone will also be released in 2013, perhaps sporting a plastic rear panel that may similar to that of the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Finally, the iPhone ‘Math’ or ‘iPhone+’ as the translation was supposed to be has apparently been assembled in prototype form. The new device does indeed have a larger screen than the current 4 inch iPhone 5, in the form of a 4.7 inch display, although the report iterates that this is a tentative prototype that may be never be released to the public.


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