Review & Giveaway: The Awesome Snugg Leather iPad 4 Cover And Flip Stand

Snugg Case

For those people hoping to keep their new iPad in pristine condition, a cover for the screen just doesn’t seem to hit the right notes, particularly if you are looking to offer a level of protection for your device whilst still retaining a stylish look. This is where a case from Snugg comes in, offering a beautiful stitched leather case to protect your iPad at an extremely affordable price. Snugg dispatched a black PU leather case for iPad 4 for me to try out, and I was blown away with the quality.

The Snugg case that we received is a great looking, comfortable book-style case that cradles the iPad 3 or 4 in a secure and well designed enclosure. As you remove the wrapping of the Snugg case, you’ll note that, for a leather iPad case it doesn’t feel too tacky or sticky. The exterior of the case utilizes PU leather which, as Snugg describes it, is strong, wipe-clean and tear resistant. This was certainly an accurate description in our assessment, offering an excellent amount of protection. In addition to this, the white stitching on the edges of the case offers a striking design contrast in the black leather model, making for a smart looking case.

Inside the Snugg case is nubuck leather which is soft and supple, and will cushion against drops and knocks. The leather that supports and locks the iPad into place is sharply and accurately cut and stitched so that easy access to the Home button, the Power button and the volume buttons is maintained. Thoughtfully, there is also an integrated hand strap which means that once you open the case, you can slide your fingers through for a secure hold on your device. Unlike some other cases, the strap doesn’t protrude which is a good element of the design.

The highlight of the Snugg case, aside from the design, is the robust stand mechanism that it offers. There is no unsightly plastic, just a firm leather tab that slots in and forms one of the most stable iPad cases I’ve seen. You can sit it on a surface, perhaps next to your Mac, and easily tap apps on the screen, and the iPad won’t tip over as it does with many other cases. The wide base affords a good viewing angle and is obviously designed very well.

Snugg Case 2
In summary, the Snugg case is engineered with tremendous attention to detail and is available starting from $29.99, which represents excellent value for a case of this quality.  Quite simply, the Snugg case we tested represents fantastic quality at pretty much any price point. The case comes in nine colors although I can highly recommend the black with white stitched leather.

You can buy the Snugg iPad case either online at the Snugg Store or on We are also delighted to be able to give one away to a lucky winner. Just send a tweet our way on Twitter at @applebitch and tell us why you’d like one. We’ll pick a follower next week to receive a brand new Snugg iPad 4 case.


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  • Sophie Rachel

    What are theseiPad covers made of? I want some rubber cum leather cases. Are these rubber cases?