Twitter Releases ‘Vine’ Video-Sharing App For iOS

A new app has today been released by Twitter bringing with it the ability to share video on the Twitter platform. The app is called Vine and it is a standalone app that is free of charge and allows users to share small, short videos that are looped, on the Twitter service. The app accepts videos of six seconds or less in length and is relatively simple to use.  The Vine app is used to shoot the video, with or without sound, and then users can then tweet the video.

While there are third party alternatives to Vine, this is the official Twitter version of a video sharing app for the service. The app itself is currently only offering support for the iPhone and the iPod touch, and it’s not clear whether the iPad will be natively supported at a later date.  The app does offer integration with Facebook, however, and is much like a video-based version of Instagram.

You can obtain the app from the iOS App Store here.


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