iPhone 5 Coming To More Worldwide Carriers With 4G LTE Coverage

iPhone 5 Front
Apple held their quarterly financial results call yesterday and Apple CEO Tim Cook used the opportunity to comment on some developments relating to the Apple product line up. One significant comment that the CEO made was that Apple were adding 36 more carriers for 4G LTE coverage and that the new wireless carriers would be in locations that did currently not offer LTE support.

The details on which carriers would be involved weren’t released but Cook did note that areas like Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, the Philippines and in several areas in the Middle East, LTE would be offered for the iPhone 5. The new carriers will add to the existing 4G LTE carriers for the iPhone 5 which can be seen on this page.

In related news, the UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom has announced that they have begun auctioning off more mobile spectrum bands for LTE which would mean that at least four new carriers will begin to offer LTE networks in the UK in the future. It is likely therefore, that there will be further roll-outs of the iPhone 5 on other LTE carriers as the year progresses.

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