An Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6.1 Is Ready For Release

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A new untethered jailbreak could be released shortly after the major update to iOS 6 is released in the form of iOS 6.1 (via CultofMac). According to the report, a number of hackers are waiting until iOS 6.1 is released to determine whether the vulnerabilities that will be used in the successful jailbreak process are fixed by Apple. Should any of the jailbreak access points remain open after the release of iOS 6.1, then it is likely that a full untethered jailbreak will be unleashed shortly after the release of iOS 6.1.

There is no official word on when either iOS 6.1 will be released but according to the report, the current developer beta of iOS 6.1 will expire on January 28, so Apple is expected either to release a further beta to developers, or the final Gold Master (GM) version. If indeed the GM version is released then it would only be a matter of days, rather than months, until the GM is released to the public after final testing. The jailbreak would then, presumably, follow shortly after, assuming that it still feasible.

The team responsible for the jailbreak is using the novel name of ‘evad3rs’ and is comprised of some well-known jailbreak names such as pod2g and MuscleNerd.


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  • iPadBrony

    So I did some thinking after a bit of this. Apple has some horrendous situations upon them at the moment. Stock is way down, competitors stole the name for biggest company, but my most focused point is the iOS 6.1 GM. I don’t see Apple adding anything else in a minor update like this. It would violate the planed obsolescence that Apple lives by. Not to mention, they are in need of some fresh blood and an iOS update might be a start. I don’t see them taking the time for an iOS 6.1 beta 5, not with things the way they are. They will probably be letting out the GM soon and start work on iOS 6.1.1 or iOS 7 in order to catch up with the stocks. I’m not for sure, but I’m almost positive that Apple has little choice but to release an iOS 6.1 GM within the next two days.

  • John

    hope soon i’ll wait till there’s a iphone 4s 6.1 jail break