2013: An Apple Television That Fixes ‘The Remote Problem’

Apple TV

A new media report has appeared on Bloomberg today which offers a conversation with Gene Munster, analyst with Piper Jaffray, and longtime proponent of an Apple television set (spotted by 9to5Mac). The analyst apparently has some inside information from Asian supply sources and says that Apple will be looking to release a new television set in 2013. The analyst said “we think it’s an actual television…the basic thing that it fixes is the remote control problem…you can’t go to a friends house and work the TV”.

The analyst also suggests that content on demand is the second major issue which the Apple television to address. Once again it’s unclear how, in relation to the second issue, how an Apple television would offer any additional on-demand functionality over what the current Apple TV could potentially provide. Arguably, the same could be said about the remote control.

The problem with television isn’t the remote. It’s the advertising, and it’s the irrelevance.


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  • lucascott

    Got it backwards. Content is the first issue. Quality of the files, languages, subtitles, pricing, timing. Missing seasons. Making LP and Extras work in iOS devices. Encouraging more ‘features’ and better ones in TV seasons. Make the store a viable alternative to having cable

    Then the hardware. They really don’t need a TV for this content but a better box with better processors, more storage for caching even perhaps preloading content so its ready to watch after dinner.

    If they make a screen it will likely be a bigger, better display that works with Apple TV, computer, blu-ray player etc. no built in tuners, no apps (those are in the little box)