Rumor: ‘iPhone Math’ In June 2013

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Despite the fact that many people would assume the term ‘iPhone Math’ refers to something other than a new iPhone model, a new and highly doubtful rumor has emerged suggesting that Apple will be launching a new iPhone called the ‘iPhone Math’ in June 2013. The report (via China’s Commercial Times, China Times, with Brightwire translation) suggests that the new device will have a 4.8 inch screen, significantly larger than the iPhone 5, and will launch alongside the iPhone 5S. Additionally a new iPhone with a 12 megapixel camera will appear later in the year.

While an iPhone with a larger screen certainly has been rumored before, it has big implications for developers who would be tasked with modifying their apps to fit the new device, assuming a change in pixel number to accommodate a Retina Display. A new iPhone in June certainly isn’t an impossible occurrence, but given that the iPhone 5 launched in Fall last year, two new iPhones in June this year (one called the iPhone Math) and then a further upgraded model later in the year doesn’t seem to add up.

One would assume that the name ‘iPhone Math’ is a mistranslation of iPhone Max, which would suggest a model with a larger screen size, although ‘Max’ once again sounds very  un-Apple-like.  It wouldn’t be surprising, however, if a follow-up rumor suggests that it will run a variation of OS X instead of iOS.

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  • Stephen Minton

    Two new models this year: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5L