New Cheap Third Party Lightning Connector Cables And Adapters Rapidly Appearing

Purple Lightning Third Party Connector
Popular third party Apple component website TVC-Mall has just added a new section to their online store offering a substantial number of Lightning connectors and adapters for extremely cheap prices. The site is offering a number of Lightinng connector cables, including 2 meter long cables that come in multiple colors and, unlike the official Apple cables which are $19 for a Lightning to USB cable, these unofficial ones start at $3.62. Also available are cheap Lightning to 30 Pin adapters ($3.40), dual Lightning and 30 Pin to USB adapters ($3.40) and a variety of other Lightning connectors to satisfy the majority of demands.

While a number of third party Lightning cables have been seen here and there on sites like Amazon, this is the first time we’ve seen such a large and varied selection. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that you obviously get what you pay for. These cables may or may not have issues with either data or charging or, indeed, may work perfectly. We’ve not tried one out, as yet, so do so at your own risk, but to be honest, we’re probably just going to stick with the official Apple cables.

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  • Jeremy Bee

    It seems clear that at that price, these cannot be legal cables so in the first place they will probably be pulled soon, and in the second place, should you really be advertising them and promoting them? A big part of the reason for the licensing is to prevent labour woes like child abuse, toxic chemicals and environmental damage. The only way a company can make a cable this cheap is by ignoring all those safety and environmental standards. Do you really want to support that?

    • AppleBitch

      Interesting view. We’re not promoting or advertising them, indeed we recommend in the article not to get them. We’re writing about them because they are available.