Apple Adds Windows 8 To iCloud Required Operating Systems On PC

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With the launch of Windows 8, many PC users looking to take advantage of using many of the awesome features of iCloud with their Windows 8 device will be wondering about compatibility. The good news is that Apple has made a very small change to the small print on their iCloud Features page to confirm that iCloud on the PC will require either Windows Vista, Windows 7 or, most significantly for those users, Windows 8.

The iCloud Features page was modified today and previously stated that iCloud required only Windows Vista or Windows 7. The text now states “iCloud requires…a PC with Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8″. Apple does also offer an iCloud control panel for Windows users which has been previously stated to be compatible with Windows 8.

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  • Mr. Bee

    This should be obvious given that “Windows 8″ is really just “Windows 7″ with that Metro nonsense bolted on top. The actual OS underneath is pretty much identical.

  • Scott Brookes

    great but I would like to see bootcamp updated for Win 8