The Popularity Of The iPad Mini Changes Manufacturing Priorities

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One of the manufacturers of the display panels of the iPad, Sharp, has apparently reduced production of the displays for the device at one of its manufacturing facilities to minimal levels, according to a new report from Reuters. There’s no firm reason given for the reduction in the display production number, but the popularity of the iPad mini is alluded to as one of the possible explanations, together with seasonal drops and a possible new product. Other manufacturers of iPad displays, Samsung and LG, are not indicating any significant cuts that were outwith normal expectations.

While this report certainly makes sense, it is important that it is not framed in the context of declining popularity of the iPad, as has been the case earlier in the week with the iPhone in which it was suggested that Apple had been making significant cuts to iPhone production due to a lack of uptake.  These reports had come under some scrutiny as doubts were cast over whether this was the reason, particularly with Apple’s expertise in stock management.


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  • lucascott

    The report is a tad questionable given that it is known for some time that there are several companies producing displays for the ipad and Sharp was never the biggest. It’s possible that demand is the same as before but merely Apple is focusing on getting displays for the larger device from the other sources and not Sharp. Could be cost logistics, could be some other factor like the quality the plants larger displays has been below standard.

    • AppleBitch