Thunderbolt Display Supplies Start Getting Low In Some Apple Stores

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Following on from the report on Monday that third party resellers were starting to see stock shortages in the 27 inch Thunderbolt display, the shortages seem now to be extending to online Apple Stores in some international markets. The online Apple Store in the United Kingdom has just been updated to reflect shipping delays in the 27 inch Thunderbolt display, with the shipping status moving from ‘In Stock’ to dispatching in 3-5 days. The same is also true in other online Apple Stores like the Apple Store Ireland and the online store in the United Arab Emirates which were updated recently to reflect the shipping delays.

The initial spotting of stock shortages started rumors of a possible refresh of the Apple Thunderbolt display, to reflect some of the features found in the new iMac design. The stock shortages initially appeared to start in third party sellers like Amazon and MacMall where the Thunderbolt display appeared completely out of stock. Interestingly, has also updated their listing for the Thunderbolt display suggesting that new stock will be back in on January 26, 2013.

There are no details, however, on whether this is a new version of the Thunderbolt display that would take design hints from the latest iMac models, such as a thinner form factor and USB 3 / MagSafe 2 ports.


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  • lucascott

    I suspect that there is something in the works for the Displays. It often happens alongside a refresh of the Mac Pros which Cook confirmed will happen sometime this year.

    With luck they will add at least one larger size, hdmi etc so it can be used in place of a tv or as a computer display. Preferably with 3d ready frame rates etc.