Rumor: Less Expensive iPhone Goes Back To Plastic

iPhone 3GS
Some more details concerning a less-expensive iPhone have appeared, with Digitimes claiming to have sources that are suggesting that the budget iPhone will be chiefly comprised of a plastic exterior, instead of the aluminum and glass panels on the current models. According to the site, the new model will have a mixture of a metal and plastic exterior ‘with the internal metal parts being able to be seen from outside through special design’.

If the reports are accurate and Apple is indeed working on a new budget iPhone, then it could like a lot like previous generations of the iPhone i.e. the iPhone 3G and 3GS. While rumors on the subject were a little cloudy last week, with a reveal, a denial and then a retraction of the denial, it’s still unclear if Apple are even working on one. If so, a budget model with 8GB of storage and enough processing capability to run iOS 6 and iOS 7 would likely be the targets.

Perhaps the most intriguing wording of the new report is the ability to see the ‘interior metal parts’, as it is unclear if this refers to colored see-through external panels.  The site has previously suggested that the new model would also have a larger screen, although the veracity of these multiple reports is still under question.

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