Apple Thunderbolt Display Is In Short Supply At Retailers

Thunderbolt Display
The 27 inch Apple Thunderbolt Display is apparently running a little short at some third party retailers, which could translate to a new version of the display launching soon. According to the report from AppleInsider, the Thunderbolt Display is running out of stock at some third party sellers such as Amazon, MacMall and J&R Electronics. That said, there are still supplies available at Apple’s own online store and retail stores, so it could just be a stock blip.

The Thunderbolt Display hasn’t been upgraded in some time so it’s in desperate need of some tweaking. If an upgrade were to be released, the new display may take some design hints from the new ultra-thin iMac, unveiled by Apple near the end of last year. The new iMac has a display that includes a thinner LCD panel directly bonded to the glass front panel and Apple would no doubt like to incorporate that into the new display.

In addition, the Thunderbolt Display still ships with a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 convertor so it’s likely that there will be some upgrade of the power supply outlets. The new display would also likely incorporate USB 3.0 ports


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