Less Expensive iPhone Rumors Continue To Be Cloudy

iPhone 4S

Following on from reports suggesting that Apple was working on a cheaper iPhone for developing markets, which then suffered an apparent cold water shower from Apple SVP Phil Schiller, a new development has appeared in that Reuters has retracted its original report without a specific reason. According to a new brief report on the Reuters website, the news agency has withdrawn the report describing the interview with Phil Schiller in which the Apple SVP apparently denied that Apple was working on a new cheaper iPhone.

The reason given is that the original Shanghai Evening News report was ‘subsequently updated with substantial changes to its content’. However, the online version of the report seems to be pretty identical, which makes one wonder if some of the meaning was lost in translation. Funnily enough, TNW did get confirmation from Apple that this was an official interview with Schiller, but it leaves you wondering what parts of the original story didn’t make sense.

Loosely Translated…

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