To Be Honest, It Would Be Great If iCloud Was More Like Dropbox

There was a problem today, in that Dropbox connectivity was sporadic and, even when connected, incredibly and painfully slow. At one point some users couldn’t even connect to the Dropbox servers and even now, although downloads of shared files are running at normal speed, in my instance it’s still taking several minutes to sync even the smallest files. In order to share some data between a MacBook Air and an iMac, I quickly shifted over to Google Drive (which I hadn’t used before). The file transfer was quick and easy, as it had been when Dropbox was working.

What was an irritation was the fact that I couldn’t go straight to iCloud because the files were in PDF and PowerPoint format. The document sharing in iCloud is limited to those applications that have been granted iCloud functionality, instead of universal file access. There’s reasons and arguments as to why Apple has done this (which many people have covered before), but with 5GB sitting right there and unable to be utilized, it was a crying shame.

In an article by John Paczkowski on AllThingsD today, he says “Web services are likely to be Apple’s next big battleground. Premium hardware and software aren’t enough anymore. The market wants services, as well. And it wants services that work”.

iCloud is a service that does work. It certainly has a better uptime than MobileMe, and following today’s Dropbox behavior, seems to work better  But, it would be great if it could work in more ways.


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  • hugmup

    I really don’t see the point of DropBox or why anyone likes it, because you can only sync files that are in one special magical folder. SugarSync is much better on this score, because you can pick any number of existing folders and make them sync folders. I have tried DropBox but I don’t use it. Even if DropBox were faster or more reliable, I still wouldn’t use it, because it would just be a faster and more reliable straightjacket. I believe there are other solutions, which, like SugarSync, don’t require you to reorganize your disk just to sync the files.

    This is like watching all the guys fall in love with the wicked witch instead of Snow White. I am completely puzzled at what they see in her.

  • bregalad

    Moving files from one Mac to another sounds like a job for file sharing or AirDrop. Why use a cloud solution at all?

    If you were transferring to a second person iCloud wouldn’t have worked anyway. Documents are locked in their own little sandboxes attached to specific apps and AppleIDs.

    • AppleBitch

      They weren’t on the same network unfortunately

  • Phil

    The author is misinformed. It is possible to store PDFs and other documents in iCloud. Things have been improving steadily.

    • AppleBitch

      You are right. An oversight on my part. I guess I was just looking for the option of a folder to move a couple hundred files