Rumor: Apple SVP Phil Schiller Denying That A Cheap iPhone Is Coming (Updated)

iPhone 4 White Flat

While rumors of a cheaper iPhone circulate from multiple outlets, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, has apparently given an interview in which he denies that Apple is working on such a device. According to an interview with the Shanghai Evening News (via, Schiller has said that Apple will not release a cheaper iPhone just to get a greater market share.

In a rather rough translation of the article, it seems that Schiller reiterated that the company does not have a product development direction that is focused upon cheaper products, instead noting that the user experience was the key to winning (one would guess in terms of market share). The interview therefore directly contradicts previous reports indicating that Apple would be releasing a budget iPhone in order to gain a great share of the cheap smartphone market.

Apple, or indeed Phil Schiller hasn’t yet said anything to an English language publication, so some of the message may be lost in translation. Essentially, however, the denial from Apple is certainly something to take notice of, as they have not had a tendency to deny rumors of unreleased products in the past.

Update: Apple has confirmed to TNW that this an official interview.


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