Rumorific New iPhone With Even Bigger Display

iPhone 5
A colorful rumor has today emerged from the omniscient Digitimes, who are suggesting that Apple will be releasing two separate iPhone models this year and that one of them will actually have a brand new design. The report, apparently sourced from supply chain sources, are saying that Apple will be releasing a ‘low-cost iPhone which will come with a larger display’, in China with the justification being the large number of 5 inch displays that are sold there.

No details are offered on the new device other than the possibility that it may include low-cost Qualcomm chipsets and that the low cost iPhone will capitalize on the success of the iPad mini. A cynical person could assume that the report, when referring to a low cost iPhone with a larger display, could quite simply by referring to the current generation iPhone 5 which, while having a larger display than the current ‘low cost’ iPhone 4S, will likely drop in price when a new iPhone is announced.

However, taking the report at face value, it’s very unlikely that Apple will be releasing a larger iPhone at a lower price than the current generation. More likely is an iPhone 5S, similar in design to the iPhone 5 but perhaps in a variety of colors, as has previously been predicted.

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