New iPhone To Launch In Multiple Colors, Already Being Tested

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A couple of new rumors have popped up suggesting that Apple has already built a new version of the iPhone and that it is currently being tested in the Cupertino campus. According to TNW, the new iPhone has been spotted in developer app usage logs and has been given the code ‘iPhone6,1′ (the current iPhone 5 models carry the designators iPhone5,1 and iPhone5,2). The device seems to be running a new iOS version coded ‘iOS 7′ but other than this, no specific details are offered on the new iPhone.

A slightly less likely rumor comes from a Capital Markets analyst Brian White who states that, in a similar vein to the current iPod touch line, the next generation iPhone will launch in up to eight different colors at some point in May or June of this year. While this doesn’t seem too far out of the realms of possibility, the analyst also comes out with a cracker of a prediction stating that Apple is going to be offering a variety of screen sizes in the new iPhone to ‘better bifurcate the market and expand its reach’. The analyst believes that Apple will even increase the screen size of the 4 inch display currently found on the iPhone 5.

That said, the analyst is probably the only person that does, in fact, believe that Apple would start offering a larger screen size on the iPhone, just one generation after increasing it vertically for the iPhone 5. This would involve another substantial change for developers, particularly when many apps on the App Store still don’t offer support for the longer iPhone 5 screen. As such, it’s unlikely we will be seeing a bigger iPhone screen from Apple this year.


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