RunKeeper Releases Major New Update For iOS App


In a spectacularly well timed release for those who are planning to increase their fitness level in the New Year, RunKeeper has released the next major version of their iOS app. Version 3.0 of RunKeeper brings with it a new user interface which is cleaner and easier to use than its predecessor. Users will apparently find it more motivating as it more clearly highlights personal fitness achievements, translating, one would hope, to increased usage.

The new app also improves the social aspect of the app, meaning that more weight is placed upon competing with friends and colleagues, as well as enhanced functionality related to in-app photo sharing of workouts. All of these features are integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can post to social networks without having to move to another app.

Perhaps the coolest addition is the ability to enable live activity tracking, meaning that if you are competing or quite simply engaging in a training session, your family or friends can track your position (this service only applies to RunKeeper Elite accounts however).

RunKeeper is free to download and free to use, and version 3.0 is available from the iOS App Store right now.

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